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Shelby Doll is the Rock Star of Burlesque. Her shows have been described as legendary within the Showgirl circuit. She is a Hall of Fame inducted act in the adult nightclub circuit. She is the performer to the rockstars and is known for bringing the stage energy to a new level.  This international award-winning showgirl has proven herself one of the best in the business with 1000's of shows to date! Shelby Doll has been one of the most booked acts as the dark horse of showgirl entertainment. Having headlined in nearly every major city in North America, she has built a career breaking all the rules. Often referred to as Miss Doll for her soft eyes and gentle smile she is also known for her gritty persona and sailor mouth. She will bring showgirl eroticism to a new level with this upcoming tour. Combining the fantasy of the  hometown girl next door, with years of city "streaking" and performance experience. Live music and full stage sets  will give the audience a well-rounded unmatched high energy experience. Shelby Doll will be joining the Rik Reese band ( for select dates to create a fun-filled Maritime Kitchen Party Experience! Together they will leave the audience begging for more as the king and queen of the encore. -

  • "International Showgirl Superstar." Playboy Sweden 2023

  • "Shelby Doll is a powerhouse of explosive entertainment." FHM Magazine Canada 2022

  • "This is in my top 3 easily. Of all time. 24 years in the industry.... Shelby Doll  has 2 out of the 3 best shows I've had the pleasure of watching. Respect for the legend." Kristi Ramirez 2023

  • "This international award winning showgirl has proven herself one of the best in the business. - Shelby Doll and RatNip provide the most well rounded shows always surprising audiences with the unexpected!" ED Magazine Online 2019

  •  “Shelby Doll’s powerhouse shows, bring the audience to their feet and notoriously end with them chanting for an encore.” FHM USA 2023

  • “International Showgirl Superstar!” Playboy Sweden 2022

  • “ The Queen of the Strip” Playboy S. Africa 2023

  • “She has a punky swag with a polite demeaner.- Shelby Doll is on her way to the top!” Xtreme Magazine 2013

  • “Shelby is a very cool, very awesome pole dancer, winner of 6 pole dancing championship, this girl works at it!” Xtreme Magazine 2014

  • “This growing industry icon is known for her edgy look but backwards country lifestyle, she’s down to earth and her business sense is as impressive as her smile.” Tattooed Kulture 2020

  • “Interviewing Shelby Doll is a tremendous feat. Never before have I met an artist with so many ambitious accomplishments.” Risky Spotlight 2021

  • “Its not hard to see why Shelby Doll was our number one pick of 2020 for Showgirl acts. She has spent years as an advocate for the showgirl and pole industries and has been a quiet facilitator to many showgirls rising success.” Risky spotlight 2021

  • “Shelby Doll is one of the hottest showgirls on the feature dancer circuit today.” 2013

  • “Top industry burlesque star!” Inked Magazine: Girls 2013

  • “This powerful showgirl is not to be missed!” 2019

  • “I am pretty friggin’ mesmerized- Her performance was off the chain, literally off the chain! Her performance tops Christy Mac, Sarah Jade, Bj McNaughty, all three of them! She was getting down to her rock music. She was in a trance or something!” Chris Maverick 2019

This tour Shelby Doll will be wearing custom one of a kind premium pieces designed by SPONSOR: SPICY PEACH CREATIONS, Manuagotti, Artifice designs, Catherine D' Lish, Beau Rocks, Chiki Bird, Rockstars Closet, Mud and Majesty, Art Chic, Holly Dai, and of course showgirl exclusive designer Jacquie.

2023 Hall of Fame Act - Inducted by NightMoves

2022 World Entertainment Awards: Best in Live Entertainment-Participant

2021 MNWI International Showgirl of the Year 

2021 MNWI World Duo Champion

2021 #1 Showgirl Act in the World

2021 #6 Burlesque Act in the World

2019/20 Miss Fetish Burlesque World

2019/20 Miss Canadian World Champion 

2019/20 Miss Burlesque North America

2x International Playboy Cover Model Croatia & Sweden),  Centerfold (Croatia), Playmate of the month (Croatia)

Cover Model and Radio Personality


more credits..

Performed with or for Steel Panther (halloweenie scream) and more!- tattooed Kulture cover model--Forbes Cover Model & Story- FHM Cover Model-2x Playboy International Cover Model, Playmate of the Month and Centerfold-2021 International Showgirl of the Year- 2021 World duo champion- 2020 Named #1 Best Showgirl Act in the World- 2019 Miss Fetish Burlesque World- 2019 Miss Burlesque North America- 2019 Miss Nude World Finalist 5th Place- 2019 Miss Nude World Pole championship 2nd Runner up- 2019 Night Moves Magazine Showgirl of the year nominee- 2019 Night Moves Magazine Showgirl Invitational best costume-2017 Feature Dancer National Championships: Grand Champion, Best Props, Best Overall Show, Most Unique Show, 2017 International Elite Pole Sport Champion, 2017 Pole Dancer National Championships 2nd Runner Up, Inked Magazine Girl, 10x International and National Pole Dance Gold Medalist, Radio Personality, Former WEEI Sports radio girl, heard her dirty Star Wars interview with Steve O from Jackass, As seen on Jerry Springer, 2x Ronnie Mund's of the Howard Stern Shows HCOTW, 15X Cover Model, Rad Ink Magazine, Adult Quest, Xtreme Magazine, Exotic Dancer Publications, Fixe Magazine, Night Moves Magazine, tattoo empire, Conexxxions magazine, Geek X Girls, Silver linings magazine and more! Former We Talk sports Girl & Wicked Nerdy Podcast girl. She has been nominated for Best Feature showgirl & Favorite feature dancer  by Night moves magazine. Nominated for club favorite showgirl and New comer of the year by Exotic Dancer Publications.  Nominated for Miss Exotic dancer. Was Xtreme Magazines Miss Xtreme of the year and Exotic Dancer Publications Miss Exotic Dancer July 2x. Seen her on the Public Excess Show,  Seen her perform with Bubba Sparxxx and Sean Kingston!



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