All competitors must be at least 19 years of age.  Costume minimum : pasties that cover nipples entirely and at least a t bar. No nipples or vagina can be exposed. For Pole Shoot Out competitors, you will be given 1 song maximum of 4 minutes to perform your routine. New in 2022 you will perform live to a Guns N Roses Cover Band. No competitor will know their song in advance. All competitors will compete in a one song freestyle shootout, to live music! You will be performing on one X-STAGE, on  stationary. For Showgirls, you will be allowed a 10-minute maximum.  All Competitors regardless of event will be required to sign a release when you check-in. For showgirls, you may bring any props you desire. An area is available next to the stage for any props with water (champagne glasses ext...) and you must provide your own tarps. Any excessive mess past the tarp will result in a deduction (do not splash crowd or jump in bowls) No fine glitter is allowed. For fire shows you must receive a-ok and have a fire emergency kit that includes an extinguisher.  THERE IS A ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DRUGS. Competitors, in either event, must be dressed and present backstage forty-five minutes to show start. If you are not present for check-in or check back you are disqualified. There will be stagehands to help you however if you are rude to other competitors, event staff or guests, you will be asked to leave the event. There is a private dressing area for all competitors and performers but we are not responsible for any theft or lost items so please come prepared to lock your bags if you feel the need to do so. Please be advised while on the festival floor and off the stage you must be fully dressed. These rules are superceded by those in your competitor package for the tournament season, so always check your ocmpetitor package. Good luck and have fun!





Titles to be won:



- North American Showgirl Festival Grand Champion

-1st runner up

-2nd runner up

-Shelby Doll Stage RockStar

-Most Original Show

-Best Props

-Best Costume

-Rising Star


Exotic Pole Shoot Out 

-Grand Champion

-Best Costume

-Best Tricks

-Most Erotic

-Hardest Body